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November 5, 2023

Abi & Keegan | Bubbly | Green Lake, WI

We met Abi & Keegan, our latest msxphotos couple, this October. Their engagement session was such a sweet and fun one. They said they were a bit nervous and don’t really do photos, but from the looks of these photos we think they were wrong. All that is needed for beautiful photos is to love each other and we can see that they are so in love. The way Keegan jokes and keep Abi smiling and laughing reminds me of Chee La and I. We love to make each other smile as well as others. Chee La might be a bit more of a jokester than me but I’ve learned along the way and can throw a couple his way sometimes too.

The fall colors were just starting and the foresty trail was painted with hints of golden yellows and crispy browns. Wherever we placed Abi & Keegan, they just seemed to shine with a bright aura of love and laughter. There were so many cute moments and we loved capturing them. But with this many jokesters in one place, the session was all but too short and we could’ve hung out with them all night long. Before we left, we had to pop a bottle to celebrate them. Well… they popped a bottle and we photographed it but those are minor details. We can’t wait for the wedding next year!

Mai See

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